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Tech has always advanced quickly... COVID protocols changed everything from a business perspective. Policies and accepting the "new normal" reset entire industries and forced operational changes to deliver products and services. Companies have been pushed to adapt and change at an even more rapid pace, which triggered a race to recover. We complement your business offerings and infrastructure by enabling companies to offload specific IT services that were previously managed internally. Now more than ever, many services are better outsourced, allowing you to focus on your core growth, collapse overhead, and boost efficiency.

  • Need Help?

    Secure Decommissioning
    Reverse Logistics
    Project Planning
    Audit Test Repair

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  • Need Hardware?

    Same Day Shipping Parts
    Multi-Vendor Hardware Rentals
    Full Configurations

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  • Need Support?

    3rd Party OEM Support
    Multi-Vendor Hardware Support
    Flexible Service Levels

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  • Worried About Data?

    Data Erasure, Destruction
    Secure Logistics
    Onsite Services

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We help where you need it, not where you don't...

  • Migrating to the cloud?
  • Reducing IT staff and outsourcing more?
  • M&A forcing vendor alignment?
  • Secure Decommissioning

    Data Center, Office, Retail, EDU We are your smart hands. Erasure, equipment removal, asset tagging, serialization, secure logistics: We handle the entire process.

  • Reverse Logistics

    Client portal utilizing our custom software to manage inventory, deployments and returns. COI receiving, stocking, inbound/outbound shipping SLA's and ad hoc reporting. Virtual warehouse and logistics

  • Project Planning

    We don't just drop ship parts. We test, configure, re-image, deploy, and decommission everything from servers and storage racks to client devices like laptops and desktops. Talk to us. Get us involved early.

  • Audit Test Repair

    We repair parts and components from chips, pins, board level rework and soldering. It may seem like an afterthought, but we recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for customers on equipment that would otherwise be processed as defective.

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To us, they aren’t just part numbers... OEM and white box solutions, without forced migration.

  • Spoiler Alert: No company has everything in stock
  • Knowing your product will arrive on time makes a difference
  • Rental Terms "Pay-as-you-go" model allows flexibility for any sized project
  • Same Day Shipping Parts

    Quick Ship Parts and Components. Customer owned inventory logistics. All products Verified Tested Warranty

  • Multi-Vendor Hardware Rentals

    Innovative OPEX method to source short- and long-term hardware for a variety of IT applications. Programs provide customized bill of material based on a customer’s individual and exacting needs for any Enterprise IT requirement.

  • Full Configurations

    We aren't simply a parts dealer. We verify, test, and build custom configurations. Router/switch chassis, servers, storage arrays and more. We provide custom multi-vendor configs as well as "like" for "like" competitive solutions.

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Post warranty support. We're already there, so you don’t have to be...

  • EOL/EOS forcing unnecessary upgrade?
  • TPM Reduces Support Contracts Costs up to 70%
  • Your hardware uptime is our top priority
  • 3rd Party OEM Support

    Data Center, Server, Storage, and Network 3rd Party Support across all OEMs and platforms. Help Desk, Parts Logistics, On-Site Engineers

  • Multi-Vendor Hardware Support

    Dell/EMC HP NetAPP Hitachi IBM Cisco Lenovo and more... Co-terminus contracts, blended 3rd party and OEM support

  • Flexible Service Levels

    24/7/365 coverage available with service levels customized for your needs

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Your data is priority, period. We get that…

  • Full Liability Insured
  • End to End White Glove Service
  • Serialized Certificate of Erasure or Destruction
  • Data Erasure, Destruction

    Secure Data Erasure, shredding and recycling "on prem" or in one of our disposition facilities. Serialized NIST or DoD certifications provided.

  • Secure Logistics

    Insured, LTL, or sealed truck, freight logistics. Complete chain of custody. We adhere to rigorous safety regulations and protocols to ensure that our drivers, vehicles, and cargo are 100% protected and secure

  • Onsite Services

    Badged W2 techs that provide serialized auditing, asset tagging, data erasure, equipment removal and secure packing services

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